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This site is for the purpose of sharing the genealogy information of George R. and Sandie Baldwin Kent with our relatives, friends and other interested parties.
My name Kent did not come from England as we have found that in the early-mid 1700's the name in our family records was recorded as Kindt or Kint and less frequently, Kind or Kyndt. The name Kindt was common in the Flanders area of what is now Belgium, and to this day is widely used. I feel that we are very likely of Flemish or Dutch ancestry or possibly German on the Kent side. This is further confirmed by many Kent, Kindt and Kint family marriages to Spiers, Egbertse and other Dutch families which are recorded in the Dutch Reformed Churchs of NY and NJ.

Primary Surnames in the Kent Lineage are:
This line has been currently documented back to:
Elyas Kindt born abt.1688, died Unknown and Robert Burdette born 1507 England.

The Baughman Lineage is documented back to Isaac  Baughman, born about 1805.
The Rucker-Briggs Lineage has been recorded back to Peter Rucker, The Immigrant, born abt. 1675 in France or Germany and John Briggs born abt. 1736 in Ireland.

The Primary Surnames In the Baldwin Lineage (my wife's family) are:
The Baldwin Lineage is documented back to William born 1441 in England..
The Lewis Lineage with the help of a "distant cousin" , is documented back to Charlemagne, known as Charles the Great, the King of France and the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Born 742 Died 813.


From left to right,
George Kenneth (my son),
George Russel (myself),
George Levi (my father),
George John (my grandfather).
1959 Photo
The Entire Kent and Baldwin Family Tree

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NOTE: If you plan to use the genealogy information from this site please review it very carefully. It has been compiled from a variety of sources and while we have tried to be accurate, in some instances the data is unverified.
If you have any questions, additions, corrections or comments please contact me.
George Kent



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